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Hands down – the most underrated household appliances for winter weather is an air humidifier. As the harsh cold weather removes the moisture from the air, the dry air can greatly impact your health. An air humidifier adds much-needed moisture back into the air, making it easier to breathe. To find out if you should add a humidifier to you home – continue reading below.

Do You Have Dry Skin and Lips?
With less moisture in the air, you are more likely to develop dry skin and cracked lips. If you notice that you are using more lotion and lip balm–this may be a sign you need a humidifier. A humidifier will provide moisture in the air to keep your skin more hydrated.

You Experience Nosebleeds or Pain
Dry air can irritate the nasal passages, resulting in pain or nosebleeds. The low humidity will also aggravate existing allergies and cause discomfort. However, a humidifier is not a guaranteed fix to nosebleeds. Consult with a doctor if the problem persists after installing a humidifier.

You Have Congestion or Cold-Like Symptoms
If you have a cold that doesn’t seem to go away, this may signify that you need a humidifier. As the air dries out your nasal passages, they overcompensate by producing more mucus, resulting in congestion. While congestion is a common symptom, there are others as well.

You can also experience any of the following symptoms from low humidity:
Runny Nose
Sore Throat

Static Electricity Throughout Home
Humidity plays an important role in reducing static electricity throughout a living area. When the air is too dry, there is a higher chance of static shocks, which can be annoying. While this is not a serious sign, nobody likes the surprise jolt of a static shock while relaxing at home.
Hygrometer Reading

One of the quickest ways to know that you need a humidifier is using a hygrometer. A hygrometer helps determine the humidity in the air, which is crucial for the comfort of your home. Your home should ideally be in the 35-50% humidity range for the best results.

These are just a few signs you need a humidifier. Even if you don’t experience all of these signs, adding a humidifier has numerous benefits, from improving your health to maintaining the appearance of your home.

To achieve the best humidity levels, aim for a 50% humidity level in your home, as this will provide the most comfortable indoor air. You will breathe easier and avoid the uncomfortable static electricity at home. For more information on improving the humidity and air quality in your home, call Price Plumbing LLC today at (302) 222-1100.