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Did you know that in most homes, the quality of air inside can be drastically improved? This is especially true during the winter months. When we close our homes up for chilly weather there is an increase of dust, allergens, mold, pet dander, and other air contaminants that get stuck inside with us. However, following these 5 tips for better indoor air quality can greatly improve your home’s air.

1. Replace Your Air Filters
HVAC filters play an important role in cleaning the air which passes through your heating and air conditioning systems. Over time, your air filter catches millions of particles as air passes through your HVAC system. Eventually, if your filter is not replaced, it can become clogged and become potentially damaging to the rest of your system as well as the quality of air in your home. A clogged filter can provide a space for moisture to gather, thus allowing mold or bacteria to grow. This can introduce even more pollutants into your air.

When your filter is clogged, it also becomes difficult for air to pass through the filter, causing you to feel less comfortable in your home due to decreased airflow, and causing dust and other particles to settle around your home.

2. Clean Around Your Home
As mentioned above, having a dusty or dirty home can greatly reduce your indoor air quality and cause increased irritation for allergy sufferers. Make a habit of regularly dusting to prevent any buildup. Be sure to move decorations as you dust and get any flat surfaces. Don’t forget mirrors, windowsills, countertops, or furniture! Curtains and drapes also attract large amounts of dust, pet hair, and other allergens. While it’s not realistic to wash these routinely, it is an area to consider if you are struggling with poor indoor air quality. Check the washing instructions before tossing them in the washer for a clean. Certain drapes may need to be pressed afterwards as well, or just taken to the cleaners.

3. Sign Up For A Maintenance Plan For Your HVAC System
If your HVAC system is in need of a tune-up, it could be contributing to poor indoor air quality. Our Maintenance Plan provides our members with priority service, a 15% parts discount, two yearly inspections, and peace of mind knowing their system is always performing well. Don’t find yourself stuck with an underperforming system that’s worsening your air quality.

4. Check Your Ductwork
Most of us rarely think about our ductwork. However, ducts can become polluted with dust and other allergens over time if your HVAC filters aren’t regularly replaced. Be sure to have an HVAC professional from Price Plumbing, LLC to inspect your ducts and perform any needed repairs. Dirty ducts can be an indicator that there are other problems within your system as well. Your technicians will be able to inspect your ducts and see if there are any loose ends or cracks within your ductwork that could be worsening the problem. Having clean ducts will help keep your home and indoor air cleaner.

5. Invest In An Air Purification System
Purchasing an indoor air purification system is one of the best ways to keep your home’s air fresh and clean. Air purifiers are able to remove more and smaller contaminants from your air than a standard HVAC filter. Contaminants such as VOCs, smoke, odors, allergens, and dust don’t stand a chance against an air purification system. Price Plumbing, LLC offers a wide range of purification solutions. Systems such as the AccuClean Air Filter remove 99.98% of allergens from the air, and can catch particles down to .1 micron in size. That’s pretty impressive!

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